Ian’s interest in bobsleigh began in 1998, whilst serving in the Royal Air Force; during this time he was responsible for the Royal Air Force’s sleds and associated equipment, and also acquired a large amount of experience in the role of brake man in 2-man bobsleigh. Over the following 10 years, Ian carried out a variety of voluntary roles in support of British Bobsleigh, contributing to the success and development of the sport within the UK.


   Over this time, Ian also worked for the IceRush Company, gaining experience in the safe but thrilling running of bobsleigh experience events. IceRush is owned and operated by Ian’s brother, Graham Richardson. Graham is the head coach for Italian bobsleigh team, having been a member of the coaching staff who took the Canadians to Olympic gold medals in the 2014 season.


























Series 1 of “The Jump” was shown in 2014, and was so successful, Channel 4 commissioned a second series, which was filmed and shown in 2015. ITV’s “The Morning Show” contracted Ian in December 2014 to provide all bobsleigh equipment and to run an event at Igls, in which two celebrity presenters took part in a full race experience for their Christmas charity fundraiser. Since filming “The Jump”, Ian has also worked with Serbian TV, providing bobsleigh equipment, advice and expertise to support the filming of a TV commercial.


   Ian started the IceSpeed Company in 2013 to make the sport of bobsleigh more accessible to the wider public, and provide opportunities for people to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience of this thrilling and exhilarating sport.


In 2011, Ian was nominated by the British team to commence training as an International Jury Member, and was awarded his Federation International Bobsleigh and Tobogganing (FIBT) Jury Licence the following year, becoming one of only 3 people to currently hold this level of accreditation within the UK. In 2013, Ian was invited to join the British Bobsleigh Board of Directors, taking up a role as Director of Sport. As he is a current FIBT licence holder, Ian is now the Race Director for the British Championships and the UK Military Inter-Services bobsleigh competition.


   More recently, Ian was approached by Channel 4 and ITV television companies to assist in the filming and production of two TV programmes. Channel 4’s programme ”The Jump” saw Ian in a key role for the bobsleigh episode, where he was responsible for the training and safe participation of a number of high-profile celebrity competitors, and for expert advice and liaison between the TV company and the operators of the bobsleigh track in Igls, Austria.



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